NRC Manual Family Tree Form PDF – Where & how to Submit Online

NRC Manually Family Tree form, How to Submit, How to Fill NRC Family tree form, Family tree is the detail of different generations of your family comprising the names of the legacy person(s) and children and grandchildren of legacy person. In this article iam gonna share you how to Download NRC family Tree form and How to fill & where to Submit. Check out the Full article give below.

NRC Family Tree Form Download

NRC Family Tree Form Download –

NRC Family tree form is available in this article the download link of Download Family tree form is given below. You can also find the NRC Manual Family tree form on the nRC official site It is mandatory to fillup the family tree form. So check this out below.

Why you should Submit Family Tree form –

  • In order to secure an entry into NRC some unscrupulous persons may claim false
    linkage from anyone who was a resident of Assam/other part of India before the cut
    off date of 24th March (midnight), 1971.
  • In order to fi nd out such false claims it would be required to cross check all linkage
    claims made against any legacy person.
  • As such submission of Family Tree would (1) help the verifi cati on team identi fy false
    claims (2) protect precious legacy data of any family against misuse by illegal migrant
    to enter NRC and (3) will be a valuable informati on on linkage for family members to
    substantiate their claim.

Download NRC Manual Family Tree Form PDF –

Click here to Download NRC Family Tree Form.

NRC Manual Family Tree Form full details –

How to fill up Form Online and Other details such as Is it mandatory to fi ll up the Manual Family Tree Form, What if a family does not know in detail the names and
addresses of all members of the family tree, how to fill up Manual Family Tree Form, How to provide Family Tree details and important points while filling up Manual Family Tree Form. Click below to know all the details.

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