NRC Seva Kendra Assam List – How to Search NSK in Assam Guwahati

NRC Seva Kendra Assam List, Hello Guys here we are back with NRC related article, National Register of Citizens (NRC) already publish their First Part Draft Nrc Results. Now people of Assam are eagerly waiting for the Nrc Second Draft list Online. You may check your NRC results through NRC Seva Kendra. so in this very article, we are gonna discuss in full about NRC Seva Kendra list.

NRC Seva Kendra Assam

NRC Seva Kendra Assam –

Assam Government has already published the First Draft NRC result on 31st December 2018 at Midnight which includes names of 1.9 crore people of the total 3.29 crore applicants in Assam. Assam People may also check their name in the First Draft NC Seva Kendras from 8 AM to 5 PM. Now you can Search your NSK (NRC Seva Kendra) as per your Locality, Ward Number, Polling Station or LAC (Legislative Assembly Constituency).

You may also Submit your NRC Application Form to Nrc Seva Kendra.

What is NRC Seva Kendra –

NRC Seva Kendra is help desk which covers in each district which simplifies the NRC Update process Approximately 2500 households by each NSK 2500 such Seva kendras are set up in Assam. NSK (NRC Seva Kendra also helps you Search your Legacy Data for the entire state of Assam.

As we all know NRC Form Verification is on Going through the field officer or NSK officials. NRC official visits your address to scrutinize your application. it’s mandatory for persons to be available at the time of field verification at your present address. its also required to submit application form only at the designated NSK.

How to Know Your NRC Seva Kendra NSK –

You may find your NRC Seva Kendra by Calling the Toll Free Number 15107 or 18003453762.

Or may find your NSK by visiting Nrc official site

You may check your Seva Kendra through the following ways,

1. You have to visit NRC official site

2. Then click on “Know Your designated NRC Seva Kendra (NSK) Form.

3. Select District as your desired location, Example Kamrup Metropolitan.

4. Click on Guwahati City Option.

5. Click on “Search by Map” option.

6. Here the area of Jurisdiction of the NSK will Get Highlighted with NSK name in Red and Ward Number.

7. Now you can check your Name and address of the NSK / Ward Number which covered by the NSK / Name of the LRCR officer with NSK office.

Or you may direct visit this link

Then select your District, Circle Name, Village Name.

NRC Seva Kendra List Assam in Guwahati PDF Download.

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